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About SafeCake

SafeCake is an autonomous yield distribution protocol systematized with a liquidity generation mechanism. As a form of passive disbursement to Safe Cake wallet holders, there is a recurring base fee of 2% on all transactions that is sent to all current holders. This base fee rewards by paying dividends to those who hold onto Safe Cake incentivizing investors to hold and safely profit. We have also implemented a 3% base tax fee on each transaction that is redirected to our liquidity pool for long-term sustenance. The reasoning for such is to allow fluidity on trades and to support larger movements without much volatility occurrence.

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How It Works?

SafeCake is an ERC-20 token on top of BNB Smart Chain.


Instant Liquidity Lock

Every trade contributes to a continuous decrease of volatility and an increase of a liquidity price floor by instantly adding 4% of every trade to the pool. Everyone benefits!

Passive Yield Income

Safe Cake implements an automated transaction yield distribution mechanism where token holders are rewarded for simply holding.

Initial Liquidity Locked Forever

After launch we have locked the LP-tokens for 100 years.

6B Token Burn

Safe Cake is a 6B Token Burn. More details

Token Distribution

  • 249,033,948,000,000 - Tokenomics

  • 74,710,184,400,000 - Presale

  • 70,974,675,180,000 - Pancake Swap

  • 124,392,466,229,000 - BURN Wallet

  • 2,490,339,480,000 - DXSale fee



We are making 2021 a year to remember for Safe Cake holders.


Security Audit

This file contains information regarding the Smart Contract's security audit.

Liquidity pairs will be locked on dxsale for 100 years making it merely impossible for any type of malicious action to be performed. Our number one concern is deploying a safe asset to trade only on the Binance Smart Chain, as we are a community token with renounced ownership. Our aim is to continuously grow and provide a secure protocol which successfully rewards token holders.

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